Community, Care & Connections


Our Vision is to provide opportunities for believers to fellowship, disciple, and bond and help one another through the challenges of life in the name of Christ.

Our Mission is to create a conducive environment that people can practice John 13:34-35.

Our Values: Bottom line we believe People matter to God and we too must demonstrate practically that they matter.

This ministry’s aim is to carry out Acts 2:42 where Christianity is about fellowship between God and Man first and then with fellow Man. It demonstrates that our life in Christ is about fellowship, intimacy with God through the study of His word, obedience and reaching out to others who are still out there.


Community stands for the fellowship that happens through our small groups known us REAL GROUP. The word real stands for Relationship Empowered for Authentic Life in Christ. Real Groups provide the right environment to live the John 13:34-35 the command for to the Christian to first love fellow believer before he/she can go out to witness to the lost world.


Care is reminder that we are to care for one another and those that need our help around us the sick, the needy, those that have been bereaved. Real groups provide the platform to channel this support. In order to manage the growing number of real groups we have divided our real groups into zones. At the moment we have 8 zones covering the wider Nairobi Metropolitan area. Zoning has helped to decentralize the real group ministry from the main church office into the field.


Last but not least Connection. Connection helps new people find a place to belong in the family of the Church. Many non-Kenyans have testified of how joining real group helped them to be integrated in the country.



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