Global Missions


“Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20


In 2004 a German lady called Julianna Rotmann came to Kenya where she experienced a life-changing worship experience through Kenyan music. She then shared her experience and desire to see such worship rise in her home country with Collins Labatt who was then a youth pastor in African Gospel Church in Kitale Kenya. After a series of conversations and prayer, Collins approached Mamlaka Hill Chapel to see if MHC could embrace a vision for missions in Europe. The excitement and gratitude for answered prayers was mutual and palpable. The first Musical worship tour by Kenyan musicians to Germany was organized. At that point

Kenya Music Project was birthed. Or as the Germans say it, ‘Kenia Musik Projekt’!


This is an exchange program between Germans and Kenyans in spreading the word of God through music. The first tour which was dabbed “Returning the Truth” happened in 2005. A group of seven Kenyans went to Germany, Berlin for four weeks. It was an opportunity for Kenyan youth to take back the word of God to the Germans who first brought the gospel to Kenya! We saw a beautiful partnership begin to form when fifteen German youth came on board to help with planning and logistics. The regions covered were Saxony Province and the church district of Fuerstanwalde Strausberg.

During this tour Dorothy, one of the Kenyan young missionaries was diagnosed with a growth in her liver that was cancerous. She later on died after the tour. In honour of her dedication to the work of God, the Kenya Music Project in conjunction with the Africa Gospel Church initiated the Dorothy Kindergarten in Kitale which they support to date with the help of the Germans.

In 2006 a team of seventeen German youth came to Kenya for a musical tour. They served together with 23 Kenyan musicians under the leadership of Collins Labatt, Edward Bulemi and Pastor Frank Koine all staff of Mamlaka Hill Chapel.


Mamlaka Hill Chapel finally formalized its partnership with the Gruenheide state church. In the year 2010 Collins was sent to work as a youth Pastor with the State Church, a role he has played very well. Currently he is in charge of three church districts: Gruenheide Strausberg and Fuerstenwalde. He has an office in the church District at Fuerstenwalde.

Collins Labatt and his wife Jean reside and work in in Gruenheide. Jean takes care of their son Emleel as she studies German. She is a very good dancer and choreographer a gift she uses for outreach to women and also in the KP music tours.


In 2013, Rev Steve Maina, the new General Secretary of the Church Mission Society in New Zealand made a call for a team from Kenya to go to New Zealand for a 1 month mission dubbed “Hope for Dunedin.” The mission was to stir up the church in New Zealand. In March 2014, a team of 6 couples went for the 3-week long mission to New Zealand where they passionately shared the word of God in different towns in New Zealand. This was followed up by another 3-week mission in October by a different team of 9.
From these short missions, it became clear that there was need for long- term missionaries to New Zealand. As a response to this need, Pst Joseph and Alice Kinyua relocated to New Zealand in 2016 with their daughter, Kara to serve as pastors at the Ingestre Street Bible Church (ISBC) in Whanganui.


Mamlaka continues to provide pastoral care and mentorship to the Kinyuas who lead a church in Wanganui.

Other Missionaries


This year 2016, God has given us a new frontier in response to a Macedonian call sent to us through Pst. Ken Stravens of Royal York Baptist church Toronto, Canada. This church, set in the midst of a post-modern society has witnessed its congregation decrease in number from around 1500 to 12.

We believe God is sending us to this land currently experiencing rapid spiritual death to re-awaken the Love that they once had for God and His word.

Mamlaka Hill Chapel will send a group of 24 ordinary congregants, compelled by the love of Christ, who have felt God tugging them to be our foot soldiers at the fore front of us as a church responding to this call. They are mobilizing resources through the church and you are invited to partner with them in this great initiative.

Upcoming Global Missions Events 2016

Canada Mission: 1st-15th August
Kenya Music Project: 5th-29th August