Idolatry: Are we Guilty?

By Pst. Sam Ithiga


“You will be like God” – Genesis 3:5

Christians today rarely think they are guilty of idolatry; this is because many of us today don’t bow down in worship to a grotesque image or thing of that sort. But shockingly, idolatry still remains one of the world’s biggest sin right now. We have exchanged the place of God with either ourselves or other things, mostly ourselves!

This is how the fall began. The temptation of Eve tells it all. Who needs God? You can be God! That’s how the temptation read. “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman.

“For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:4-5.

The devil planted the notion that God was not good or that He didn’t have the ability or right of full control over our lives. To put it differently, God is not all that, in fact we don’t have to be His subjects; we can ascend to godhood too! We can be his equal, or worse His competition.

This lie has devastated humanity ever since. This is idolatry at its best. Taking the place of God. Seeking our own will against His will. It’s the root behind every act of disobedience. Disobedience is refusing to submit to God and giving in to ones own self will. It’s saying “yes” to self and “no” to God. Disobedience is basically saying to God, “I do not fear you, I will do what I please”. Sometimes we just think of it as pride but its more than that.

Do you see just how utterly unthinkable it is? It’s high treason!

How could we dare duel for power with the Almighty? Since when did we have the audacity to dispose our creator from His throne? Yet we do it everyday. We refuse to heed to His commands, we question His authority, we hesitate to comply to His wishes because of this great sin of Idolatry. Wanting to be first, wanting our way, obedience to self whims, desires, passions or cravings before the will of God! This we don’t always do consciously; it’s a condition we inherited from the fall. We need to understand this. Some call it lack of fear of God.

Missions exist because worship doesn’t.

Some circles hold that missions exist because worship doesn’t. What does this mean? People out there are not worshiping God and therefore we must go and lead them to worship God. If you think about it however, they ARE worshiping something or someone, just not God. Therefore, worship of the right person is what is lacking; otherwise we have never stopped worshiping even once.

Do you think you struggle with idolatry? It’s more than bowing down to an image…it transcends to our thoughts, pleasures and pressures, our relationships with others. God is, and should remain the focus of our worship.


Lord I’m aware of my idolatrous tendencies. I’m sorry that I have made you small in my eyes and I have elevated myself to where I shouldn’t. Forgive me Lord for rejecting your will and submitting to mine. I now see my error. I recognize that my life is not my own. I belong to you.

Fill me with that reverent fear Holy God, help me to say no to self-will and yes to Your will. Help me to discern the difference between the two and give me both the wisdom and will to obey You. I love You Lord. In light of my high treason, I am absolutely blown away by your tender loving kindness. Indeed Lord, you are patient and slow to anger. I deserve death yet you bless me with life and companionship with the most High.

Help me to walk before you in worshipful fear. Help me to accept my place and to restrain my idolatrous ways. Do I even have strength for this? The fallen man that I am? Help, help! Lord work out this obedience and worshipful fear in me!


4 thoughts on “Idolatry: Are we Guilty?

  1. W.S says:

    I seem to spend to match time watching the screen and been fascinated by the stories and not spending time in prayer or the word. I pray that I should desist from this idol!!!!

    1. Yes I agree W.S, if we were to tell by time only what is most important to us, we will find out that God isn’t. We rarely make time for him. Good observation. I pray that this New Year God will give you the grace to seek Him and to serve Him diligently.


  2. Peter Kamau says:

    Very helpful. Personally, have been battling this: submitting to my will and desires contrary to that of God; His commands. I pray that with this word it changes from now. Thankyou also for that prayer. Be Blessed.

  3. JMK says:

    I have a hard time letting go of control over my life. I find myself negotiating with God what I think is best for me vs what he wants for me.. Thank you for that prayer

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