Men’s Ministry

Theme Scripture, From Judah will come the cornerstone, from him the tent peg, from him the battle bow, from him every ruler. Together they will be like mighty men trampling the muddy streets in battle. Because the Lord is with them, they will fight and overthrow the horsemen:-Zechariah 10:4-5.

Mi3 stands for Mighty Men in Ministry – It is the men’s ministry of Mamlaka Hill Chapel. It is not locked to men of Mamlaka Hill Chapel but it is open to every man who wants to participate in God’s agenda of transforming lives. We seek to empower men to be change agents in every sphere of life they are in; family, politics or technology, media or culture, sports or business. Hence our slogan: Licensed to Transform

The man and his appetite

There is something about men and a good meal. This is one of the reasons that brings jamaas together, to enjoy a meal. It is in view of this that Mi3 tries to ensure that whenever we meet food will be served. I think food and men are close because at our very basic level that is what we do. We look for food.

Having said that I would like to say our appetite and need for nourishment sometimes does have some devastating effect. I think of Esau and David who satisfied a craving that they had on a whim. Our appetites/desires drive us along and help us to achieve much. That same energy can be also very destructive. Therefore everything should be done in moderation and with the right focus.

Meeting times

We strive to meet at least once a month. The nature of the meeting is always two fold. First we aim to develop the man but secondly we also aim to help the man to have vision and legacy far much bigger than himself.

Man Enough

Mi3 also runs the Man Enough program. Man Enough is an 8-week challenge that calls out men to lead in service as sons, brothers, fathers and husbands in their families and society. The program offers a redefinition and demonstration of manhood from what our fast paced, materialistic culture has branded it, back to what it is intended to be. Men aged 21 and above are equipped with core values on true manhood that should guide a man on how he can:- Take Initiative, Live responsibly, Lead sacrificially, Love faithfully and Leave a rich legacy.


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