Empowered to Transform Lives, Society and the World.

To promote personal intimacy with Christ in order to build godly communities that will impact the nations for Christ.

This comes from Matthew 28:18-19:
Go, and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. I am with you always till the end of the ages.

Devotion to God

We desire and strive to have every life at Mamlaka to be a testimony of the Lordship of Christ. We desire and strive that every life at Mamlaka will be
defined by love, loyalty and enthusiasm to God [1 Thess 2:10, Eccl 12:13, Matthew 7:15 -20]

Deliberate Discipleship

As Church we will strive to be intentional in the nurture of every Christian to bring them to maturity in Christ-likeness. Discipleship is a lifelong process of making disciples who in turn disciple others. [Matthew 28:19-20, John 17:4, John 19:30]

R.E.A.L Community

Through our R.E.A.L Groups (Relationships Empowered for Authentic Lives in Christ); we desire and strive towards ‘godly communities that will impact, neighbourhoods, society and the world. Communities where there is Love of God and Love of His people.

Compassion for the Lost

We desire and strive to reach those that the society considers last, lost and least with compassion just as our Lord and Leader had compassion to those harassed and humiliated. This is the spirit by which we shall impact the nations for Christ
Compassion for the lost is what ‘drives us’ to the ends of the

Sacrificial Service

Following the model of Jesus Christ, who bore the cross to demonstrate his love, we endeavor to demonstrate our love for God and mankind at all costs. We shall sacrificially give of our time, talent, treasure to be used for God’s purposes.