Cecil Kuyo


Ngumba Real Group Leader

My wife and I actually started the group after we moved to Ngumba in July 2012 just after our wedding. We asked at the Church information desk for a group but were told none had been established there. We were challenged to start it and the rest, as they say, is history.

Being the pioneers of the group, my wife and I naturally became the leaders. We have seen the group grow from these humble beginnings of two members to being as many as 20 members, at one point.

The leadership of the group has taught me the need to be patient and to listen to every viewpoint, even if it does not accord to mine. Further, it has taught me resilience especially when the attendance, at certain moments, has not been that great.

Through the real group I have been challenged to be more attentive to the disciplines of prayer and reading the word of God. It is group that I treasure.


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