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But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:14-15

At Mamlaka Hill Chapel Children’s ministry, we seek to partner with parents to empower our children for transformation by making known to them the Holy Scriptures.

Celebrate with us! Our Children’s Ministry is growing in leaps and bounds! Our attendance has been increasing steadily; now we’re reaching an average of 600 children every Sunday. God has blessed us with the immense responsibility to reach these children with His Word, which is making them wise unto Salvation.

Following this growth, we have split our classes so that we now have one class dedicated to each year:

Mwanzo From birth (turning 1 this year)
Msingi 1 year (turning 2)
Upendo 2 years (2015)
Furaha 3 years (2014)
Uzima 4 year (2013)
Rehema 5 years (2012)
Level 1 6 years (2011)
Level 2 7 years (2010)
Level 3 8 years (2009)
Level 4 9 years (2008)
Level 5 10 years (2007)
Level 6 11 years (2006)
Level 7 12 years (2005)


We currently have a total of 13 classes. Each class enjoys their own doctrinally sound, child-friendly and age-appropriate curriculum that’s suited to our context. We are thanking God for being able to write (and record) our own curriculum for the Mwanzo and Msingi classes.

Through the year, we have Intense Discipleship events where we engage the children over several days, allowing for longer periods of building life-long friendships, interacting with the truth of the Gospel and deepening faith:

Discipleship Events

[tabby title=” Camp”]

In August, we travel with the 8 -12 year olds for a week to a destination far away from home so they can learn responsibility and independence. Building relationships for discipleship is a major objective during August camp.

[tabby title=”December Christmas Musical”]

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for Sunday school. Here we bring together the 6 -12 year olds and help them to:

  1. Grow in their knowledge of God through devotions around the Christmas story
  2. Develop valuable friendships
  3. Grow their music and drama skills
  4. Learn many new God-glorifying songs (which they’ll be singing for years!)
  5. Minister to God’s people through the performance of the musical.


In addition to the Children’s events, this ministry also does the following:

[tabby title=”Parent – Child dedication”]

Mamlaka Hill Chapel believes children are a gift from God. It is our honor, not only to pray a blessing over children born into our community, but also to walk with the parents as they undertake the journey of parenting.

Parent/Child dedication is a public commitment parents make before God, their family, and the entire church. The dedication service provides the parents an opportunity to express publicly their desire to lead and spiritually nurture their children in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, so they will develop a desire to love God and love others.

[tabby title=”Parenting Classes”]

Lea Mwana is a seven week parenting program conducted here at Mamlaka Hill Chapel. In a generation where there’s a growing apathy towards God and the value of family, Lea Mwana seeks to equip parents with the necessary skills required to raise godly children in an urban setting bereft of some of the traditional support systems that existed in the past.

In the seven weeks parents acquire a whole new set of skills that enable them to engage with their children with the knowledge that they are their primary spiritual nurturers. The second aim of Lea Mwana is to develop each class into a support system for the parents well after they have graduated from the class.

The course runs three times a year and the dates are usually communicated through the Church Bulletin and Audio Visual during church services.

[tabby title=”Teacher Training”]

We hold events for Sunday school teachers’ training, fellowship and fun every quarter. During these events, teachers get to meet and encourage each other as we address issues pertinent to teaching the children God’s word effectively. This is also a time for teachers to unwind and have fun.

What our teachers say about our training events:
“It was a great day! I particularly loved the devotion time in the serene grounds and the activities were so much fun!”
“… the seminars were very informative. Time management was very good.”



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