Emily Christian


Kibera Ayani

Real Group Leader

We started the group along with our friend/co-leader Haggai Imbiaka in April 2016 I, Gracie, started out as the leader of the group when we began. We have greatly enjoyed starting and leading this group in our home. There was not a process leading to leadership because we started as the leaders of the group, but we feel honored to be a part of what God is doing in our community of Kibera. When we began renting our place, we knew that we wanted our door to be open to friends, family, neighbors and strangers. Within our group, we generally take turns leading the study, leading worship and leading prayer. Each person has a part to play and each person has gifts and strengths to contribute to our group.

Although we have only been meeting for a short time, friendships within the group are strong and we look forward to growing as a group. It is our vision as a REAL group to grow in our personal relationships with Christ, to have real authentic relationships within the group and to have an impact in our community and the world. In Isaiah 58, God reminds his people what true fasting is. It is not to gain spiritual recognition, but instead it is about breaking bonds of injustice and oppression. Similarly, James 1:27 shows true religion to be reaching out to widows and orphans. As we grow as leaders and together as a group, we aim to bring glory and honor to God through growing in our knowledge of Him, listening to the Holy Spirit and reaching out to the least of these.

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