Francis Njino Ngamau


Riruta Satellite

Real Group Leader

I joined Mamlaka Hill Chapel in the year 2012 after I relocated from Limuru to Nairobi and on the same year joined the Riruta REAL Group. The reason I signed up for REAL Group was to grow in the faith and also have fellowship with fellow believers.

I became the real group leader in 2014 which was after the previous leader relocated to Nakuru.

At first I was afraid of taking up the role which by the help of God I eventually did. As opposed to leadership roles in the world where personal effort ,talent and skills are fundament to succeed, church leadership is different  in the sense that one  is leading God’s people and therefore requires to depend/seek “Him” on how to lead “His People”. This realization has resulted in yarning to seek God more to know how to lead His people and as a result I have been drawn more to God and ultimately improved my relationship with the Lord.

Being the leader also requires one to literally lead from the front with other members keenly look to observe your commitment and then they follow. As a result by God grace I have been committed to attend the REAL group and lead God’s people.

Being a leader has made me become more committed to God, grow in faith, improve my prayer life, read the bible and care for other peoples need. Serving the Lord has ultimately made me into a better person.

All Glory to God.

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