Full Circle Mission


Full Circle Trust is a ministry of Mamlaka Hill Chapel that was established in 2007 to reach out to women in prostitution who desire transformation by the power of Jesus Christ.

Over the years, we have developed our program to provide the women with holistic transformation focusing on spiritual formation, discipleship, Christian counseling, life skills training, health education, business, vocational training and basic support systems.

Our desire is to see these women find healing from their past, freedom from the chains of prostitution and other addictions as they grow in their relationship with Christ. We empower them to become self aware and to realize their God-given potential in order to pursue alternative opportunities.

We are seeking to establish small groups where the women grow together in faith, finances and fellowship within their communities. We hope that this becomes a place where the older women will mentor the younger ones in their journey towards spiritual growth and development.

To provide our women with vocational skills and financial support, we have established social enterprises where we make and sell; pop-corn and pastries, roasted peanuts and peanut butter, beaded and stitched items, and assorted liquid soaps.

As Christ enables us, we strive to increase our capacity to not only support many women leaving prostitution, but also prevent many more at risk of getting into it from doing so. This, we believe is sustainable discipleship with lasting impact.

As we grow, we appreciate those who have gone before us and have shared with us the insights they have gained through their ministry. We eager to share our stories and our journey with anyone wishing to support this mission field.

Our desire is that as many of these women that the world has shunned as the least, the last and the lost, will find life and life in abundance.


The Commercial Sex Industry (C.S.I) is flourishing; its place as part of the social fabric in modern Kenya and East Africa cannot be overlooked. In Nairobi alone, it is estimated that some 250,000 people are directly involved in prostitution. Many of the women involved in this industry are driven to it by poverty due to high levels of unemployment. With little choice, many find themselves trapped in the vicious cycle of prostitution in an effort to make ends meet. Peer pressure and sexual addiction are also major drivers for the woman in prostitution. This is as a direct and indirect result of fallen social and family structures, and a low moral fiber.

The need for a holistic psycho – social intervention for the woman in prostitution who wants to leave the trade is evident. Today such programs are few and far between. Most importantly the role of the Church (embracing the individuals desiring positive change) is critical as it cannot be ruled out that at the root of it are deep spiritual issues that have to be resolved for lasting change to take place.

This is the reason Full Circle Trust exists!!

Contact information:

Email: fullcircle@mamlakahillchapel.org


Telephone number: +254 734 602 650



The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (John10:10)

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