Full Circle

Full Circle Trust is a transformational ministry targeting women in prostitution in the streets of Nairobi for whom prostitution is a form of income generation. It is a ministry of love set to share love with those who are at the center of God’s heart; those who the society considers lost, last and least.

This ministry was started in 2006 as K-street ministry. Later in 2007 it grew and was renamed Full Circle Ministry. This name is in line with the mission which is to introduce the women in prostitution who desires transformation to the master transformer Jesus Christ by providing a platform for spiritual, emotional, psychological, economic and social rehabilitation and restoration.

Full Circle was recently registered as a Trust. We hope that through this development we will be able to fulfill our mission even better for the glory of God.

To date, 30 girls have benefitted from the one to two year rehabilitation program. 15 have completed, 13 are half way done. We are filled with hope as we see every life slowly conforming to the plan of God’s salvation.

In the near future, we hope to open other rehabilitation centres as the need is great. Our prayer is that eventually we will have more partners around the country who will buy into this vision and participate in reconciling these women to God, self and the society.

Prostitution-free Kenya is our constant prayer!!


The Commercial Sex Industry (C.S.I) is flourishing, its place as part of the social fabric in modern Kenya and East Africa cannot be overlooked. In Nairobi alone, it is estimated that some 250,000 people are directly involved in prostitution1. Many of the individuals involved in this industry are driven to it by poverty due to high levels of unemployment. With little choice, many find themselves trapped in the vicious cycle of prostitution in an effort to make ends meet. Peer pressure and sexual addiction are also major drivers for the woman in prostitution. This is as a direct and indirect result of fallen social and family structures and a low moral fiber.

The need for a holistic psycho – social intervention for the woman in prostitution who wants to leave the trade is evident. Today such programs are few and far between. Most importantly the role of the Church (embracing the individuals desiring positive change) is critical as it cannot be ruled out that at the root of it are deep spiritual issues that have to be resolved for lasting change to take place.

Contact information:

Email: fullcircle@mamlakahillchapel.org

Telephone number: :+254 020 231 8088, +25420 231 8080, +254734602650

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