Grace Kamochu



Real Group Leader

My name is Grace Kamochu, I am the real group leader for one of the Kinoo real groups. We christened our real group “Church of Marination Uthiru Kinoo (CMUK)” …since we marinade in God’s word

I joined the real group in June 2013 which is the time the real group was founded and I became the leader at that time. Being a real group leader has challenged me to pursue personal spiritual growth as I need to lead by example. As I take time to pray for my real group God has placed in me the desire to see members grow in their faith and for them able to meet with Christ, above all else during the Monday fellowships. I have experienced God renewing my strength to serve him even in times I have felt the responsibility is too heavy and this serves as a constant reminder that this is God’s agenda not mine.


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