My name is Isaac Muchira Murage, I was born on Tuesday July 31st 1973 at the Pumwani Maternity Hospital. Kenya had been independent for ten years, Amin was enjoying his rise in power in Uganda while Nyerere was busy propagating Ujamaa in Tanzania. Further afield the Watergate scandal was coming along just fine.


In 2001 Alison Musimbi agreed to become my wife and with her we have been blessed with four children. I went to school right here in Nairobi. I do have a degree In Theology and Children’s work and a post graduate degree in Biblical studies from North West University South Africa. Prior to my studies in South Africa I was a primary school teacher for ten years at the St Georges Primary School Nairobi.

I have always been a big fan of anything sports. If I get to know the gist of the game then I am a fan. Arsenal Football club and Formula 1 have a permanent residency in my heart.


I became a Christian in 1985 as a Std 7 pupil and I have been involved in one form of Christian leadership from High school up to my current  posting as Pastor for Adults.

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