In 2006, Joy Mindo the then Missions Pastor at Mamlaka Hill Chapel learnt about a little, unknown community in a town called Kamurio, East Pokot from Pastor David Kitur who was serving there as a missionary sent by his local church. Pastor Kitur and his wife Martha became the entry point for us into Kamurio. After a few visits by Pastor Joy, a beautiful relationship was formed between Mamlaka Hill Chapel and the people in Kamurio. We have continued to enjoy this friendship to this day.

At first glance, Kamurio could have been dismissed as a distant, dry and remote little village without a local church and with only one struggling local primary school. However, it is near impossible to go to Kamurio and not fall in love with its people. The community is welcoming and open. They received us well and accepted us as family in the Lord Jesus Christ. The community has grown in leaps and bounds since that initial contact. Today the local church is vibrant with professing Christians eager to walk and grow in the Lord and to make him known.

Over the years Mamlaka Hill Chapel has partnered with the Kamurio community to achieve a wholistic development of the community:

[su_tab title=”Short Term”]

Mamlaka Hill Chapel has taken part in annual events in Kamurio since 2007. These are:

Veterinary Camps: being a traditional African society, men in Kamurio are almost inaccessible because they do not engage in similar activities with women and children. There are few opportunities for interaction with the men. Being also a pastoralist community, high value is placed on animals. We quickly realized then that the best way to reach the men in Kamurio was to show interest in what they care deeply about; their animals.

For this reason, we hold annual veterinary camps where we take a team of qualified, volunteer veterinary doctors treat the animals at no cost and give free drugs to the sick animals. The number of animals treated has increased significantly over the years. We take these opportunities to share the word of God with the men.

Medical Camps:
we also take a team of medical doctors with sufficient drugs who give free medical consultation and treatment to the sick. These medical camps work hand in hand with the local dispensary and offer trainings on preventive health-care to the community.

Vacational Bible School: children at the local primary school interact with a team from Mamlaka Hill Chapel for an intense one-week topical study of God’s Word.

Home Visits: we visit the people in Kamurio at their homes for a more intimate time of fellowship.

School feeding programs: seeing to it that Kamurio is a dry and semi-arid area, there are frequent seasons of drought. We take some food to the local primary school to ensure that the children are not sent back home due to lack of food.

[su_tab title=”Long Term”]

It has been our desire to identify, train and commission called missionaries to stay and serve in Kamurio for longer so as to disciple the community. We started by sending missionaries who stayed in Kamurio for one month.

In 2012, two ladies came forward with a deep desire and burden to leave Nairobi to serve as missionaries in Kamurio. They took time to clarify this conviction and to be equipped for the work that lay ahead of them.

In 2014, Njeri Gichuru and Sylvia Ngatia were commissioned and deployed to Kamurio. Njeri, a trained special education teacher will serve for one year as a teacher in Kamurio. The local primary school has few teachers and will be sitting for their first national examination this year.

Sylvia, a trained health worker will be in Kamurio indefinitely as a health worker. Her focus will be training on preventive health care.

[su_tab title=”Educational Tour”]

In 2013, the Class 6 and 7 pupils from Kamurio Primary School came to Nairobi for an educational tour. It was the first time for all the children to visit Nairobi. A comprehensive itinerary was prepared for them to ensure maximum exposure to different academic concepts. The main objective for this tour is to expose the students to practical learning concepts from the things that they study in the school curriculum , e.g, transport and communication, geography, government, etc. This tour greatly motivated the children to learn. Performance at the school has risen noticeably.

This tour will be sponsored by Mamlaka Hill Chapel every 2 years.

[su_tab title=”Kalya Water Project”]

After prayer and a series of consultations we decided to trust God to use us to provide water for the people in Kamurio. In, 2013, we launched “Mamlaka Hill Chapel’s Kalya water project”. We named the project “Kalya”, which is the Pokot word for peace. It aims at providing clean and accessible water within the next two years

We are praying for partners who will walk with us and enable us to see the project to completion.


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