Kingdom Skaters


Kingdom Skaters normally meets every other last Saturday of the month. Want to join us? Awesome! Our meeting time is between 9am – 12pm.

Kingdom skaters club is a roller skating group – a sports ministry initiative of Mamlaka Hill Chapel. Majority of the skaters in the group are usually children from our Sunday school ministry. However, over the years, membership has been redefined to include just about any other Mamlakite who want have fun, and great friendship right here at MHC. Today, the club leadership is comprised of top seed professional Roller Speed skaters in Kenya. Since 2006, a Kingdom Skater Club has proved an effective discipleship avenue for both the kids, and, the kids-at-heart in our church.

Kingdom Skaters normally meets every other last Saturday of the month. Want to join us? You are welcome! Our meeting time is between 9am – 12pm.

Write to us at or call Njeri: 0722 45 77 25

How it all began

Kingdom skaters Club was started by Joseph Mwangi (then an intern with our children’s’ ministry) in October of 2006. By the time Mwangi was joining our internship program, He was already an established pro – roller speed skater. Mwangi had taken part in several international roller speed skating events in various parts of the world. His major achievements includes; several medals in the Kenya National championships, a gold medal and bronze medal in 2003 (Kenya versus Egypt championship – Nairobi), a Bronze medal in African Continental championships 2004 – Pretoria. In 2008, Mwangi made history by being the first Kenyan ever to represent his country in the 2008 World roller Speed skating Championship in Gijon, Spain. Mwangi was until 2015 the chairperson of the National Federation here in Kenya (Roller Sports Kenya), and also the Vice- President of the African Confederation of Roller sports (ACRS).

Mwangi admits he would not have gained confidence to start Kingdom skaters were it not for Pst. Jan Ryder, his boss then in children’s Ministry. She kept pushing him to do something for the Kingdom with his gifts and talents. He also remembers Pst. Charles who was very excited of him and his skating career and how that was good tool for ministry. “It just never occurred to me how skating was going to work with the church.” says Mwangi.

The time came and Kingdom Skaters Club began! It did not take long before Mwangi began to see the ‘bigger picture’ of how God works. “I have since learnt that even our hobbies are a gift from God Almighty. Even though we enjoy, and have lots of fun with them, more important they are tools for ministry.” Says Mwangi. The club continues to meet every last Saturday of the month since 2006.

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