Lea Mwana

Lea Mwana is an eight week parenting program that conducted here at Mamlaka Hill Chapel. It aim is to equip parents with the necessary skills required to raise children in an urban setting bereft of some of the traditional support systems that existed in the past.

In the eight weeks parents acquire a whole new set of skills that enable them to engage with their children in a far much better manner. The second aim is empower the parent to be a far proactive parent in the normal growth curve of their child’s growing life.

Ultimately it is the aim of Lea Mwana to develop each class into a support system for the parents well after they have graduated from the class. The course runs three times a year and the dates are usually communicated through the Church Bulletin and Audio Visual department of the Media Department-Mamlaka Hill Chapel.

One thought on “Lea Mwana

  1. Antony Etiang says:

    Whenis the next class? How can my gamily get enrolled?

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