Maina Muriuki


Thika Road

Real Group Leader


Our family started this group in 2010 in our house, to cater for people living around Kahawa Sukari, where we were living, and beyond – towards Thika. In 2013 we moved to Ruiru East and continued leading the group from there with membership from all areas around Ruiru.


As much as I have enjoyed the group, I have been forced to depend on God in prayer and  trust Him and recommit to  serving  for the sake of the kingdom,  when I have faced challenges of significant  group constitution changes fluctuating  numbers ;  no meeting day or time seems to accommodate many of  the different schedules;  my own schedule does not allow to meet or even think about people in the group and pray ;  diverse and sometimes hostile views and positions,  people have shared their struggles and there are no easy answers if any; nobody wants to get involved in hosting or leading anything ; we have projects that require the commitment and enthusiasm of all ideas and initiatives yet to explored and brought to fruition.


As we have struggled to run the group in a way that is meaningful for those who come – getting each of us to minister to the needs of another, enhancing our sense of community and spurring and encouraging us to be active in the sharing and practice of our faith, a major impact in our own lives has been the new friendships gained, the growing commitment to a life of meeting and making use of the opportunity of getting involved in other people’s lives and circumstances in order to be relevant in the season, and the appreciation of our interdependence as people.

REAL Group is the true church!

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