Marion & Jonathan Njoroge


Dennis Prit Road

Real Group Leader

At a personal level,. Real Groups was a safe space to begin learning to serve God’s people without feeling intimidated for not being a pastor. By serving in Real Groups, I discovered  my ministry gifts and this has helped me grow spiritually as a Christian.. Serving in RG led me to discover and use spiritual gifts the Lord has blessed me with (e..g. the gift of hospitality) and also helped me develop other areas such as teaching  especially in the opportunities to lead the weekly bible studies.


As a family, RG has enriched our family life experience.Our family life (including my children) has been richly blessed in so many ways by the Thursday night fellowships we regularly host in our home. Even my elderely, father who regulalry visits our fellowship, when in Nairobi, enjoys the bible study and often participates and prays for us to continue being such blessing to him and each other.


Being a part of such a close knit community,  we have built special friendships that have encouraged us through difficult times and enriched our marriage and family life through interaction with other couples and families within our Real group. One particulalry challenging time when i had just started out as a Real group leader, one of our members fell critically sick and later passed on.  It was very unfamilair territory for me as a leader, but by the grace of God, we all pulled together and strengthened each other and were even able to support the family in helping pay the medical bills. I took this as personal affirmation from God that there is power in small communities coming together to live out their Christian faith as one body.

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