Njuki Kabucho



Real Group Leader

My name is Njuki Kabucho. I am from the Kikuyu REAL Group. I participated in initiating the group in June 2013, whereby i was requested to take up the group leadership. Leadership has enabled me to identify with the group members, through the mutual privilege of being let into and understanding their lives and walk with God, in fulfilling the responsibility and role of the spiritual shepherd. I have experienced personal growth through having to seek and trust in God to be of relevance and resourceful as a leader to the group.


As much as it requires commitment to ensure a worthwhile weekly experience for the Kikuyu REAL Group, it has been a pleasure made possible this far through support from my family and each of the group members. Mamlaka Hill Chapel has greatly been of support through regular training. I always count it as a privilege to have the opportunity to serve God in this platform

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