Obadiah Ndege



Real Group Leader

My name is Obadiah Ndege current leader of Madaraka real group. I joined the real group in 2011 and became a leader in 2014. I have grown spiritually since taking the mantle because I have experienced firsthand that it’s not possible to lead the flock if I don’t go find food from the Chief Shepherd JESUS CHRIST.

I have also grown in relationship skills as I have had to deal with a whole different varieties of people comity from diverse backgrounds. It’s been an interesting growing journey that calls for a lot of patience, slowness to anger, keen in observing membersĀ and a listening ear. In a growing bible study group I have appreciated the art of delegation. Otherwise it would be impossible for one person to manage effectively and efficiently

I thank God for giving me this great privilege to lead this special group of people that I have grown to love and count as family


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