REAL Groups


Our Vision is to provide opportunities for believers to fellowship, disciple, and bond and help one another through the challenges of life in the name of Christ.


At Mamlaka Hill Chapel, we believe Jesus’ vision for his church is more than a Sunday gathering. It’s a way of life, shared together in community, and lived out each day as witness to Christ before a watching world. This is done through Mamlaka Hill Chapel’s homebased small groups known as REAL Groups:


Empowered for


Life in Christ

These groups meet during the week in home settings and seek to cultivate authentic relationships through fellowshipping together; engaging in God’s Word; growing in spiritual maturity through discipleship; serving together in ministry and in sharing the love of Christ. This is in accordance to Acts 2:42.


A Mamlaka Hill Chapel REAL GROUP IS:

  • One that authentically worships Jesus Christ
  • A community of believers doing life together
  • Committed to spiritual formation and accountability
  • Mission focused; reaching out to the lost
  • Welcoming and inclusive

A Mamlaka Hill Chapel REAL GROUP IS NOT:

  • Just a meeting you attend
  • A social club
  • Just a place for sermon study or other study materials
  • Simply for counseling or therapy
  • Exclusive or divisive


This is for everyone looking to grow in faith and spiritual maturity. It’s for those seeking discipleship, community, a place to engage in missions and service to others.


There are more than 40 REAL Groups in locations all over the Nairobi and it’s environ.

How to connect

  • Choose a group that you can commit to attending faithfully near your neighbourhood.
  • Fill in the REAL Group sign-up form.
  • The REAL Group office and REAL Group Leader will contact you within a few days confirming your commitment and sharing all relevant information.





Would you like to join a Real Group or get involved in this ministry?

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