Transitions (ROPES & Quest)

The Youth Ministry

We have five ministries under the youth department:
1. R.O.P.E.S – This ministry reaches out to young people transitioning from primary school into high school.
2. Quest – This ministry reaches out to young people transitioning from high school into college.

1. Club Jesus – This ministry reaches out to teenagers in high school.

1. Limitless – This ministry reaches out to young people in college and runs every SUNDAY from 12pm – 2pm
2. S.A.L.T – This ministry reaches out to young people in college, mostly University of Nairobi students, and runs every THURSDAY NIGHT from 7pm – 9:30pm

[tabby title=”What is ROPES?”]

ROPES is an acronym that stands for Rites of Passage Experiences and its a yearlong program concluded by a weeklong camp that is designed entirely to assist children between the ages of 13-14 as they move from one stage of their lives (childhood) into young adulthood.

It was crafted by Tanari Trust and the whole idea behind it was to help both boys and girls get a good biblical based transitional program that would help them move from being children to looking at themselves as growing young adults.

The program is designed to help them face the challenges of the new stage in their lives i.e Adolescence with its changes, High school (perhaps even a boarding school) with its freedoms. In ROPES we teach them how to navigate through some of the issues that they will face later in life and hopefully equip them with adult competencies that will help them make the right choices and succeed in life.

[tabby title=”What is QUEST?”]

Quest is Mamlaka Hill Chapel’s discipleship program aimed at young people who have just completed their high school education.

The months/years just before joining college/university can be quite challenging, and tend to force people withing this demographic to re-think their value systems as they carve out an identity for themselves. Confusion, isolation, uncertainty over the future and the possibility of spiritual apathy therefore become real dangers.

The program is intended to serve the needs of high school leavers in such a position by encouraging and teaching them on how to cultivate a real faith in Christ that will inform the decisions they make in the next crucial years of their life.

Some of the critical areas covered include but are not limited to: basics of the Christian faith, relationships, time management, identity and mentorship especially in regards to career prospects.



The Youth department's mission is to empower the urban youth to transform lives, society and the world. We take note of the fact that this culture that shapes the values of our young people is lost and is looking for answers. As God enables us, we engage tirelessly in discipleship of young people in the hope that they would become bold in their faith to engage and lead the culture to Christ.

Would you like to apply for either ROPES or QUEST 2018?

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