But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed – Luke 5:16


Gordon MacDonald in his book ‘Ordering Your Private World’ observes that our world is filled with noise of endless music, chatter, and busy schedule. In most homes, he continues to add, there is a stereo in almost every room, in every car, in each office, in the elevator. When he dials a friend at his office he is offered music over the phone until he comes to answer the call. In addition, all portable gadgets today like phones or tablets come with ability to carry hundreds of music albums or movies. All invade the mind with noise. Pretty noise, but noise nonetheless. With the intrusion of so much noise, where can we withdraw and monitor the still, small voice of

In Luke 5 we see this phrase ‘But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.’ That phrase has really challenged me. Jesus (who is God) found it necessary to retreat and pray?! How much more we mere mortals. If Jesus thought it wise to connect with the Father, whose example then are we following by going for days without prayer and without reading God’s word? Not Jesus for sure! He did His quiet time. He valued private prayer and spending time with His Father. No wonder He was very refreshing and inspiring to be around. His cup was always full and it overflowed to others.

Make a commitment this year to spend more time with God regularly. A good way to doing it would be to include it in your diary as an important appointment. Then keep the appointment. Let no distraction or competing activity interrupt this session. Put your phone on silent, as you would if you had a meeting with the King. This will change your life.

Prayer: Dear God, I’m sorry for being too busy to find time for us to hang out. Help me to be different this year. Today I come, receive me and help me to so delight in your presence that I will be looking forward to it. Help me to make an appointment with you every day and to keep it. Fill my cup and help me to be refreshed in your presence so that I can refresh the world around me in service. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen