Wambugu Kiriga


Upper Hill

Real Group Leader

Leading the Upper Hill Real Group has been a very humbling yet fulfilling experience. Noting that we operate in the vicinity of the Bible Translation Centre we have had and continue to have members of the Real Group from amongst the missionaries within the Bible Translation fraternity; some of whom have given their whole working life to serving the Lord. Not only have I learnt a great deal from their deep understanding of the Scriptures but much more from their lives as believers and selfless service to God and His mission.
On the other hand I have seen new believers joining the group and grow tremendously in their faith to the extent that their own family members have come to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior through their testimony.
Having a membership of varying ages we are privileged to have grandparents, parents, newlyweds as well as singles. This has been very enlightening as everyone brings a unique perspective to the discussions we have around the Bible. It has also led to deep friendships amongst the members as we celebrate graduations, weddings, new-borns (children and grandchildren) not forgetting the deep intimacy developed as we bear each other’s burdens in times of difficulty and pain. I have been fortunate to see God’s giftings to the Body of Christ in different members of the Real Group. Some are gifted in teaching, others as in leadership, others in hospitality, others in service, etc. Not only have they utilized their gifts to bless the Real Group but have gone on to minister in the larger body of Christ through various parachurch organizations. One can only sit back and enjoy the capacity of the Body of Christ when we sit together to share over a bible study or a meal. We are greatly blessed!
In conclusion, I remain greatly humbled at what the Lord is doing for, in and through us as a group and as individuals. May God’s name be forever praised, now and throughout eternity!

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