Caring for Others

By Pst.Sam Ithiga

“Do not by your eating destroy someone for whom Christ died.” – Romans 14:15

When we disagree with people, it is easy for us to build a wall of hostility between us and remove our opponents from the community of humans. We not only dehumanize those whom we dislike but we also fail to see how Christ could possibly care for them let alone love them. We privatize Jesus in our camp and imagine that those who do not share our position must be damned. But today’s verse reminds us that this is not always the case. Christ cares for them too. In fact He died for them. Does not this sober you up? Will you destroy the work of God in the other man’s life with this ‘I don’t care’ attitude? Or do you imagine yourself as Christ’s favourite child, that he cares only for you and for no other? Oh that you may change your perspective! Christ wants you both.

This attitude applies not just in disputable matters but also in other circumstances as well. For example a man may think to himself when tempted by lust, “will I destroy a lady for whom Christ died?” and vice versa. When we look at people through the lens of the cross, they begin to matter. And so does our love for them increase. May the Lord help you to remember the price He paid to save the lost. May this teach us to care for all souls of men, whether we like them or not. 

Prayer: Lord forgive me for the times I have worked against the cross, either by being proud and not caring about others or when I have lead them astray with my actions. Remind me that you are on a mission to save lives. May this affect how I relate with people. Give me another chance to partner with you in extending the Kingdom of Christ. Amen.

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