College Ministry


Our mission is to empower the urban youth to transform lives, society and the world. We take note of the fact that this culture that shapes the values of our young people is lost and is looking for answers. As God enables us, we engage tirelessly in discipleship of young people in the hope that they would become bold in their faith to engage and lead the culture to Christ.

At Mamlaka Hill Chapel, we have a vibrant ministry geared towards the college-aged youth. Our mission is that University students, presented with God’s word, shall be equipped to disciple the nations for Christ. And our vision is to see transformation by Christ, in Christ and for Christ among our college students.

Our ministry to the college students mainly takes place through our Youth services called SALT and Limitless, both of which are overseen by a committee of 12 ministry coordinators from among the college students.


SALT is an acronym that stands for Serving a Living Transformer. This is our outreach ministry to the University of Nairobi students.

We have our SALT service every Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm where we gather to worship through music, pray, hear from God’s word, enjoy each other’s company over refreshments and so much more. Our services are packed with energy, and we endeavour to ensure that they are saturated with God’s word, through sets of relevant sermon series, so that our campus students have a place to have a personal encounter with our Saviour, Jesus.


Limitless is our Sunday Youth service that is geared towards college-aged youth from various universities and colleges around Nairobi. This service takes place every Sunday from 2:30pm to 4:00pm at Mamlaka Hill Chapel’s Main Sanctuary.

This service is designed to tackle apologetic questions that arise from the sermon series at hand in our SALT services. It gives a platform for our youth to have discussions about various topics, have meaningful debates, listen to informative plenaries and ask question about the topics we are tackling. Moreover, every quarter, we hold an event dubbed ‘B.L.A.S.T – Building Lives Around Sound Truth’, a forum for Apologetics through the arts of music, poetry, spoken word, and of course a plenary and Q&A session.


Quest is an 8-10 week program that reaches out to ex-candidates transitioning from high school into college. The months before jumping into college can be quite challenging, as one thinks about what careers to pursue, how to make the most of campus life and handle the responsibilities of young adulthood.

Quest exists to make this transition easier. We believe that this is a crucial time for the Ex-candidates to answer some fundamental questions such as ‘WHO AM I? WHY DID GOD PLACE ME ON EARTH? HOW CAN I MAKE THE MOST OF MY GOD GIVEN STRENGTHS?’

Therefore, Quest is for every high school ex-candidate you know. Spread the word, let them come so that we can go through this journey of discovery together.

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