College Ministry


Our mission is to empower the urban youth to transform lives, society and the world. We take note of the fact that this culture that shapes the values of our young people is lost and is looking for answers. As God enables us, we engage tirelessly in discipleship of young people in the hope that they would become bold in their faith to engage and lead the culture to Christ.

The Youth Ministry

We have five ministries under the youth department:
1. R.O.P.E.S – This ministry reaches out to young people transitioning from primary school into high school.
2. Quest – This ministry reaches out to young people transitioning from high school into college.

1. Club Jesus – This ministry reaches out to teenagers in high school.

1. Limitless – This ministry reaches out to young people in college and runs every SUNDAY from 12pm – 2pm
2. S.A.L.T – This ministry reaches out to young people in college, mostly University of Nairobi students, and runs every THURSDAY NIGHT from 7pm – 9:30pm

[tabby title=”What is SALT?”]

Every life a legacy
SALT is an acronym that stands for Serving A Living Transformer and it’s Mamlaka Hill Chapel’s outreach to the University of Nairobi students. The fellowship meets on Thursday from 7.00 pm – 9.30pm.

SALT’s vision is University students transformed by Christ, in Christ and for Christ.

It’s mission is to present the Word of God to university students and to equip them to disciple the nations for Christ.

SALT has various ministries that help in running the Thursday services and in performing outreach. The heads of these Ministries make up the SALT COMMITTEE.

SALT recognizes that the young people in campus are in a transitional period between being under parental care and leaving home. We realize the need for guided leadership.

[tabby title=”What is LIMITLESS?”]

Train, Transform, Transfer.
Limitless youth ministry was birthed out of the felt need to reach out to college age youth (18-25 year olds) who form a significant part of the population of Nairobi city and its environs.

Apart from the University of Nairobi student populace (predominantly served by the SALT ministry), Mamlaka Hill Chapel is within walking distance of several other Colleges and University campuses whose student population is mainly un-churched and unreached. Limitless exists to reach that particular demographic.

Our key aim is to evangelize, disciple and equip young people to reach other young people with the love of Christ. We hold firmly that in today’s world, peer influence is a key factor in youth behavior and so we seek to use that to our advantage.

Limitless seeks to address real issues facing today’s youth with the word of God. The Bible is our guide and we unapologetically champion the Biblical world view on life and beyond.

Limitless was launched on the 30th of October 2011.

Limitless’ Mission is to 
’Transforming today’s youth into radical, empowering and influential followers of Christ’

Where to Find Us

Limitless’ vibrant services happen every Sunday at 12:15 pm to 2:00 pm at the Mamlaka Hill Chapel Youth Terrace. Feel welcome to join us.

Contact Us

Contact us / Send us your comments and feedback through:

Our Email:

Facebook group page: Limitless Youth Ministry-Mamlaka.



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