Our Vision statement

A Christ-centred fellowship where single adults experience joy and fulfilment

Our Mission Statement

To minister, in a holistic approach, to the unique needs of single adults in their everyday walk with God and fellow man. (Luke 2:52.)

Core Values

  • Christ centered
  • Integrity-moral uprightness
  • Empowerment
  • Relationship
  • Community
  • Excellence

TIMAM Ministry Brief

TIMAM is the single adult’s ministry of Mamlaka Hill Chapel. The name TIMAM is a derived from the Swahili word ‘timamu’ which means complete or whole. This Ministry was born out of a felt need by single adults that there existed a gap between youths leaving such fellowships as SALT and the next level of the married couples’ ministries of the church.

The purpose of this fellowship is to bring together single adults in Mamlaka Hill Chapel in forums that seeks to understand and address their unique needs. TIMAM exists for those singles in the age bracket of 25 years-35 years and are seeking to grow in their relationship with God and fellow man.

Attendance and participation is open to single adults and friends of Mamlaka Hill Chapel.

TIMAM Ministry’s Broad Objectives

Fellowship: TIMAM seeks to aid single adults to meet and know each other, understand one another, and interact with each other in a free atmosphere. The goal here is to promote character building and discipleship.

Mentoring: Through various activities, TIMAM provides for opportunities for relationships that allow for mature and experienced members to walk along side young single adults.

Leadership: Members are encouraged to take up roles in growing the fellowship and the wider church community by initiating various-relevant and beneficial-projects in as many areas of specialization.

Fun: TIMAM takes fun very seriously! Through appropriate activities, we seek to help members discover and live up the fullness of the joy of being in Christ.

Service: TIMAM seeks to encourage members to grow in service to one another and to the wider community. Acts of charity and compassion towards one another and visits to the less privileged or sick are encouraged.

Contact Us

Kindly send us your comments and feedback through:
Email: timam@mamlakahillchapel.org
Feel free to visit our Facebook Page: Timam.
Church contact person: Philip Mwaura-0724 674041

TIMAM has a very active E-mailing initiative that seeks to circulate various career opportunities and upcoming TIMAM events to our members. If you would like to receive our emails, kindly send us your contact details to timam@mamlakahillchapel.org

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