Young Adults Ministry


Our vision is to be a Christ-centered fellowship where young adults experience joy and fulfillment in Christ


The Young Adults ministry caters to our post college congregation that is pursuing a fruitful walk with God and seeks to interact with other young people in this unique season.


 “Empowered to transform, lives society and the world.”


 “To be an avenue for young adults to enrich their intimacy with God, grow holistically and serve passionately in order to impact their communities for Christ.”

Who is a Young Adult in Mamlaka

  • One who is between the ages of 22 and 30 years.
  • One who is either single, dating or married.
  • One who is passionate for Christ and is seeking to deepen their love for Christ; by desiring to walk in obedience to Christ’s command.
  • One who values true fellowship and is seeking to be open in a true accountability relationship with others of same gender.
  • One who is seeking to live out their youth serving Christ and at the same time having great fun and fulfilment.

[tabby title=”We Promise”]

  1. Faith: To share our faith in Jesus with those who do not know Christ. To grow as faithful Disciples of Christ and to walk in obedience in his word.
  2. Fun: To have lively, engaging and memorable interactions. To enjoy and celebrate the youthfulness that God has given us in a holy manner.
  3. Fellowship: To foster godly community and camaraderie that is critical for Christian growth and maturity. To foster avenues where Young Adults can serve one another and also, corporately, serve the church.

[tabby title=”What to Expect”]

  1. Life Groups: These are gender based groups consisting of persons who have transitioned together through campus and/or are in the same space in life. They are accountability groups where deep meaningful discipleship and spiritual growth will be fostered.
  2. Very interactive monthly meetings that will be full of fun, faith enriching and building fellowship.
  3. Creation of avenues where REAL Life issues will be addressed through the Word of God.



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