Family Matters: The role of the Man (Mamlaka Road)

3 thoughts on “Family Matters: The role of the Man (Mamlaka Road)

  1. Nimo says:

    I feel like I didn’t get the clarity on the full role of a man….at least not the depth I was expecting.
    The love your wife verse is something I have heard before. While love languages are a secular physiological aspect….I don’t believe in them.
    What are the typical role of a man; towards children; the wife. I hope and pray this will be really clarified.

    1. Thanks Nimo for your feedback.

  2. Edgar S says:

    In response to Nimo I’d like to clarify that the love languages are not secular but true, they may not be in the Bible but they are confirmed by both Christian and non Christian psychologists just like church denominations we believe in our denominations but they are not in the Bible so it’s worth having a look at them with an open mind

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