ROPES means Rights of Passage Experiences and its a year long program concluded by a week long camp that is designed to assist children between the ages of 13-14 transition from childhood into young adulthood.

ROPES program that was started by Muhia Karianjahi and was run by a trust of 5 churches called Tanari Trust.

Why was ROPES program developed?

ROPES was developed out of a need to give our young people guided transition from childhood to adulthood. This practice was quite common in the olden days, but with urbanisation this practice has declined. With the ROPES program we ensure that the growth and development of our young people is not left to chance.

Areas of growth in our young people that need guidance

  • From Asexuality to sexuality – Feelings and emotions
  • From group relationships to single relationships – Social interructions, ability to relate
  • Family identity to self identity – Intense questioning of ideas & values and this shows through rebellion against authority and tradition
  • From selfishness to love – Self acceptance & accepting others as they are.
  • Dependence to Independence – Initiative, proactivity
  • Parental Discipline to Self discipline – Becoming responsible
  • From conscience to value system – Superimposed values by the parents or society are bought by the teenie
  • From religion to a relationship with God – Ownership of faith

How ROPES program works

We focus on these areas of development throughout the year then re-enforce them during camp.

The program is divided into four quarters with different emphasis:

  1. Quarter 1: Who Im I
  2. Quarter 2: Me & God
  3. Quarter 3: Me & the world
  4. Quarter 4: Responsible me

At the end of the ROPES program your teen will graduate with the following qualities:

Loving God fully

  • They submit to authority
  • They have a healthy view of themselves
  • They know they are precious in community

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